PC Health/Security Checks

We cannot guarantee that you will never get a virus, or be victims of spyware being installed on your PC. We can however reduce the likelyhood of your PC being infected by ensuring that your PC is protected by installing the latest virus definition files and ensuring that all Microsoft security patches have been applied.

This may sound daunting but in truth these tasks can be setup to run in the background on your PC with minimal or no interaction required from yourselves.

With our on-site Health & Security Checks we will:

  • Check to ensure that your PC is not infected with spyware or virus's
  • Review your anti-virus settings ensuring that you have the latest virus definition files installed on your PC and check that your anti-virus software downloads updates automatically.
  • Review your windows settings and ensure that you have the latest Microsoft Service Pack Installed and check that windows is scheuled to automatically download new updates.
  • Review your PC security and ensure that you have firewall protection enabled.
  • Remove tempory files and check hard drives for errors

Contact us now to ensure your PC is up to date, and safe.


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